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NFTs 2.0: Building Trust, Value and Community for Web3 Founders

What are NFTs Non-Fungible Tokens

It’s time to dive into the game-changing world of NFTs, where digital ownership comes to life. The NFT market in 2024 is expected to be more evolved and diverse than ever before. While challenges remain, the focus on utility, community and real-world applications points to a promising future.

If you’re a Web3 founder looking to raise funds, generate buzz and build community this post is for you. Imagine if your favorite tweet could serve more than just sentimental value? What if it carried real-world financial worth?

You could leverage NFTs to create more buzz and excitement in your community. Think about classic pieces of art. It is their originality that makes them priceless.

NFTs give you the opportunity to turn  digital works—from .jpeg files to digitized music—into an asset that can be collected, sold and traded. They are changing the game of digital ownership.


Before we dive deeper into the power of NFTs, let’s understand what makes them different from regular cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are considered fungible assets. This means each unit is  interchangeable with another. When you buy one Bitcoin it is the same as any other one Bitcoin. But with NFTs reach one represents a unique digital items. This makes them non-fungible. Each NFT possesses distinctive properties and cannot be exchanged on a one-to-one basis.

This is why there is a growing interest for NFTs in:

  • Gaming: Integrating NFTs for ownership, in-game items and access to exclusives.
  • Metaverse: NFTs representing virtual land, avatars and other assets.
  • Music and Fashion: NFTs offering exclusive content, experiences and access for fans.
  • Loyalty programs: Brands using NFTs for customer engagement and reward systems.
  • Blockchain: Making NFTs more scalable, secure and user-friendly.

The Core Value Proposition: Unearthing the Unique Features of NFTs

Three fundamental aspects add value to NFTs. These are indivisibility, authenticity and scarcity. In an economic sense, these tokens cannot be broken down or divided. Each token represents something singularly unique on its own. Investors love uniqueness. In the NFT world the element of authenticity is assured by blockchain technology.

Each NFT can be traced back to its original creator. This is because cryptographic encryption is embedded within its core programming. The code is stored on blockchain platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin. This transparent verification construct empowers creators with undeniable proof of originality. It reduces concerns from potential buyers about counterfeiting. How many fake Gucci bags are on the market? Fake jewelry. But not just physical goods are counterfeit, this risk runs rampant in today’s digital space.

The other piece underpinning the attraction towards NFTs is rooted in basic supply-demand economics. It’s called scarcity.

The limited availability attributed to specific items bolsters their appeal and hence drives up prices. Think about how this can apply to your token. brand or digital asset you create. There is an unforgeable guarantee on scarcity offered through decentralized ledger technology. Collectors are willing to pay premium pricing for rare pieces. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey auctioned off his first-ever tweet as an NFT and raked in over two million dollars. Not bad! It’s clear how these features collectively carve out a new ecosystem. They can boost interest and enthusiasm with collectors and investors.

New Entry Point for No-Coiners

Brands like Starbucks, Nike and Reddit are already using NFTs to attract people who are not actively involved in the cryptoy space. The allure of owning a one-of-a-kind collectible has attracted a new wave of interest.

People who may have been hesitant to invest in cryptocurrencies are now finding themselves captivated by the concept of NFTs. This means there is a massive opportunity for project leaders, artists and content creators. Really anyone who wants to engage with a vibrant community can take advantage of NFTs.

Artists and musicians can monetize their work directly through NFTs and cut out the middleman. This allows entrepreneurs to establish direct connections with their fanbase. For example celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Madonna, DJ Steve Aoki and Mike Tyson are taking advantage of NFTs to create new revenue streams. You can check out my free webinar to see how these creators are making things happen with NFTs.

Make Money with NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens
Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, DJ Steve Aoki, Madonna and Mike Tyson are NFT creators.

You may be wondering how to get your NFT in front of potential buyers. That’s easily handled. There are already existing NFT marketplaces that serve as hubs for the community.

These platforms allow people to discover, trade and interact with  digital art, collectibles and NFTs. Creators can leap over geographic and virtual boundaries. Investors are able to embrace the true value of ownership. We are at the early stages of using NFTs to unlock a digital revolution.

Transforming the Resale Market

Besides verifying ownership, NFTs are transforming the resale market. Historically, once someone purchased a digital asset, there was no way to sell or transfer ownership. But with NFTs everyone has the ability to resell their tokens. This opens to doors wide for secondary markets. It further empowers creators. And guess what else?

NFTs can include royalty mechanisms, allowing creators to earn a percentage every time their assets are sold in the future. This opens up new revenue streams and long-term monetization possibilities.

Modern technology has also magnificently propelled many platforms into creating more user-friendly interfaces dedicated solely to handling NFT transactions. These comprehensive platforms do not just facilitate transactions. They equip non-tech folks with the necessary knowledge and tools needed. Education with text, audio and video guides users through each step.

People are able to instantly get answers to their NFT questions and learn more about key aspects of these unique tokens. This approach breaks the chains of  conventional financial institutions. NFT purchases can be made using everyday payment methods with credit cards and fiat currency. Since people already use these mediums daily, they can easily get started on numerous NFT marketplaces. By removing the usual insistence on blockchain-specific payments this road is open to all who want to participate. Digital technology is introducing a truly democratic path to asset ownership.

Tapping the Power of NFTs for Dynamic Community Growth

NFTs hold awesome potential power for scaling community growth. Social media platforms are a pivotal way to spark real-time conversations. For blockchain projects this is a gold mine. Being strategic you can gain attention globally or in a targeted geographic area. These platforms have become fertile grounds for making announcements, sharing ideas about particular tokens and generating buzz.

For instance, a new DeFi project may issue a unique series of NFT art pieces that resonate with a certain demographic on Instagram or Twitter. Those interested can quickly engage and be directed to a website, landing page or an online community. Here they can gain more understanding of this token value proposition. In communities like Telegram or Discord they can exchange thoughts about the project’s significance, tokenomics or roadmap. This can increase pre-sales or add new investors to projects in later rounds of fundraising.

What I like is using this strategy to create increase engagement and interaction among target individuals based on shared interests.

The concept works somewhat like magnetism – people naturally gravitate towards groups that have identical interests. This dynamic creates vibrant communities marked by active involvement. No one wants to join a ghost town. The benefit is this tactic enables holders to continuously engage, learn and spread the word to others about their digital assets. Smart founders want this type of competitive advantage!

Navigating the Challenges and Concerns of NFTs

Despite its exciting prospects, like any new technology NFTs also carry challenges. One growing concern is their substantial environmental impact. The process involved in creating or “minting” a single token demands high computational power. This can eventually translate to excessive energy consumption. We often hear this criticism in regards to blockchain technologies generally. Interestingly though, there’s active exploration happening daily towards alternative eco-friendly solutions. Things such as Proof-of-Stake mechanisms over more energy-intensive Proof-of-Work algorithms are gaining traction. Project leaders and developers continue to seek a balance between progress and preservation.

Potential investors should be also be aware of risk factors in the digital space. Fluctuating values matching the volatile crypto markets also exists with NFTs. Due to their novelty and unique attributes, pricing an NFT can be tricky. They’re pegged against highly unpredictable cryptocurrencies and projects at various stages of business development. Rapid market changes bring higher highs during booming trends but they plummet just as sharply with downswings. Do Your Own Research!

Another critical issue revolves around scams or copyright infringement claims associated with unauthorized uses of original content.

It is easier than ever to digitally reproduce artworks and other online assets. The expansion of generative AI tools and machine learning (ML) introduce new hurdles for maintaining authenticity. NFT platform operators must address these issues to stay in business. I mentioned earlier that maintaining ingenuity is at the core of what makes these tokens non-fungible.

So the world of NFT intrigue is tightly coupled with cautious optimism. Stay tuned to new developments. Keep educating yourself on these issues including sustainability, regulation, security and new forms of innovation.

The Power of NFTs and the Call to Explore

Now you know NFTs are truly a revolution in digital ownership. Born out of blockchain technology, these unique tokens protect digital assets like never before. Linking NFTs to a specific owner addresses has helped eliminate counterfeit issues rampant in the digital world. It is this authenticity attribute that gives NFTs their significance. They can provide Web3 , crypto project leaders and creators with a powerful advantage.

NFTs can play a critical role in community engagement. Unlike their fungible counterparts such as Bitcoin and Ethereum each NFT is distinct.

It carries a personality uniquely its own. This can boost interaction within communities around specific token types. Whether it’s crypto enthusiasts, gaming fans, DeFi degens or a brands existing customer base NFTs can increase engagement amongst niche audiences.

At this point you may ask yourself – what does exploring further into the world of NFTs hold for you? Now is the time to dig deeper. Position yourself with the Early Adopters and Innovators who are taking action. Remember to check out my free webinar to see how celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki and Paris Hilton are leveraging NFTs.

Norm Bond
NORM BOND is widely recognized as an international authority on marketing, social media and public relations. He's passionate about using social media and digital technology as tools for economic expansion.
Norm Bond
Norm Bond

NORM BOND is widely recognized as an international authority on marketing, social media and public relations. He's passionate about using social media and digital technology as tools for economic expansion.

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