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How to Get More Etsy Sales by Encouraging Repeat Buyers

Do you need to grow your Etsy business? In today’s economy, it can be difficult for artists and creatives who often have to rely on their craft to make a living.
Do you need to grow your Etsy business? In today’s economy, it can be difficult for artists and creatives who often have to rely on their craft to make a living.

Do you need to grow your Etsy business? In today’s economy, it can be difficult for artists and creatives who often have to rely on their craft to make a living. If you’re an Etsy seller, you know that the site can be a great way to sell your products and make a living. However, if you want to take your Etsy business to the next level, you may need to use modern marketing tactics to grow your business with repeat buyers.

Repeat visitors are essential for a successful Etsy shop. Simple as that. Every day you get new visitors to your shop. Whether you are selling prints, jewelry, or a handmade item, you want to make them see your brand again and again. You want them to consider picking up an item from your shop every time they visit.

The repeat traffic channel is the most effective method to bring in repeat customers. It is based on content and SEO. If your online presence gets recognized more often it increases the chances of getting new customers. Just think about it, if someone comes from Google and lands on your Etsy shop, they are more likely to buy something from you than from a competitor.

In the peak of the Etsy holiday shopping season e-rent conducted a survey to a panel of 1061 etsy shoppers that asked what would make you buy from an etsy seller again? For ecommerce we know it’s those repeat buys that are going to help carry our brand further along and boost revenue.

When you get customers emotionally involved and they know, like and trust your brand, repeat sales won’t be far behind. Imagine your existing customers recommending  you to their friends and contacts.

This digital word-of-mouth marketing creates super fans and increases your conversions. An added benefit is it lowers your cost per lead while improving return on advertising spend.

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But how do we encourage these valuable repeat sales? 

Testing is everything. According to buyer research there are four key actions you can implement to bring them back to your Etsy shop to spend more money.

What would make you return to an Etsy shop to make a second purchase? 

Survey Question

  1. Package presentation
    Of the 1060 shoppers surveyed 41.9 said that nice packaging was important to them and can be an influence in whether or not they returned to that shop to make another purchase. 
  1. Get personal
    39.5 said that a personal note from the seller included in their package would increase the likelihood that they would return.
  1. Offer incentives
    Not surprising a whopping 61.6 percent of shoppers said a coupon code would be a contributing factor that would lead them to purchase from a shop again.
  1. Find a Freebie
    Lastly 48.3 percent of shoppers said that a freebie included in their order would lead them to return to that shop. 

Here’s the cool thing about these four items. You can appeal to all of them quite easily.

By bundling these qualities together you can create the perfect unboxing experience for your customers.

  • For your packaging you can very easily and cost efficiently improve the customer experience with things like tissue paper. And bonus points if you can get it in your branding colors.  

Just be conscious of the type of customer that you’re selling to if your target customer is an eco-friendly mom packaging your items in plastic might not be the best option, so look for a more natural packaging option. 

  • For your personal note you can write it by hand or have them printed.  I will say from experience a handwritten note feels really really special.

You can say things like thanks so much for your order bob the color you chose for your custom pillow is my personal favorite and thanks for supporting my small business. And here’s a little pro tip–  address them by name. A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language. 

  • A coupon code makes a huge difference. You can easily print a discount code right on your thank you cards or print them out as their own special ticket to place in orders. If you add a handwritten note to your customers you can write that coupon out for them which feels even more personal and special.
  • Lastly a freebie included in your packages can show a customer that you care. These don’t need to be a product that you make or anything too pricey. It could be a sticker or a keyring. 
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Combine these four things and  you’ll be appealing to some critical points. This is what real Etsy buyers have said would help them to return to a shop to make a second purchase. 

The best way to increase the number of repeat sales on your Etsy shop is to make sure that you keep up with your customers’ needs as they change. You can learn as much as possible about what they’re buying and what their individual tastes are so that you can tailor your offerings accordingly. Always try to have something new in your shop in order to retain your existing customers and make them come back again.

Norm Bond
NORM BOND is widely recognized as an international authority on marketing, social media and public relations. He's passionate about using social media and digital technology as tools for economic expansion.
Norm Bond
Norm Bond


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